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Subject Weird Experience today.
Poster Handle Zlyle14
Post Content
Today, It was just another day at work, delivering pizzas(yeah, cool shit right? :P), anyway. We had been super busy at the time and of course, the food was taking a very long time to make and deliver and we had some angry customers. One lady was on the verge of screaming at me for it "taking more than an hour" to get to her house. That's all good and well, since she was just another angry face in the world and I was effected a bit by it. I was a bit irritated for being bitched at, but I got over it and didn't let it affect me.

I was back over in that same area later in the night, and I was somewhat lost and started to get pretty irritated and angry. Angrier than I've been in a long time, and I just now realized that I was on the exact same street, and stopped right near the house of the woman who was on the verge of screaming at me for the food.

I thought this was really strange because of where I was at the time when I started to get irritated again, maybe it was subconscious me just getting irritated again? Maybe it was something more along the lines of just bad energy in that area.

There's also a different part of that road that, whenever I drive through it, I have some enlightening feeling of some prophetic though. I seem to have new ideas or solutions to things when I drive through this specific area.

I guess I'll have to pay more attention to this area throughout the week and see how it affects me. I have a feeling that it wont quite be the same If I'm expecting it this time.

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