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While Nooks are outselling Kindles a desparate Amazon promises a tablet in October

Running Scared
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United States
09/03/2011 12:24 PM
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While Nooks are outselling Kindles a desparate Amazon promises a tablet in October
Barnes and Noble has had a color ereader tablet out for over a year and for a few months it's black and white ereader which has a touch screen and is way better than the Kindle has been outselling the Kindle.

So what's Amazon to do? Well Amazon keeps leaking information about it's upcoming tablets hoping its customers that are locked into the proprietary Kindle format will wait. And they probably will. So Amazon keeps saying their tablets will come real soon now.

Meanwhile Barnes and Noble sales of its “Nook” e-reader and related content more than doubled, year over year, and is expected to double for the full year.


Detailed rumors about Amazon’s entry into the tablet market have been popping up since June at this point. Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies told PC Magazine in June that Amazon would be releasing both a $349 7-inch tablet and a $449 10-inch tablet later this year, undercutting the lowest-tier iPad by $150 and $50 respectively. A Thursday report at The New York Post indicated Amazon is likely to go even lower, though. Citing a source familiar with Amazon’s plan, the Post article said Amazon’s tablet will sell for “hundreds less” than the iPad.

If it can, Amazon might have the hottest holiday item of the year on its hands. Research group Brand Keys placed both Apple and Amazon in the top 10 of its 2010 Loyalty Leaders Top 50, ranking consumer devotion to specific brands. While Apple leads in technology, Amazon comes out ahead as a retailer, and it’s that power with consumers that will give Amazon its in against the iPad.

[link to www.investorplace.com]