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Zombie Apocalypse ( Aka : Economic Collapse Apocalypse )

Gabriel Angelos
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09/03/2011 04:25 PM
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Zombie Apocalypse ( Aka : Economic Collapse Apocalypse )
I just noticed how it will be when people which lives in big cities do not find anything to eat following a great ecnomoic collapse and war, they'll probably eat each other to survive, those who live in farms and grow their own food will be fine, but people living in the cities do not have a clue about how to survive in such a circumstance and their stubbornness probably will lead to such an event.

I think it is very possible to have such a doom following the collapse of the society as we know. Or after a global femine and drought.

Watching all these zombie apocalypse movies, series and playing zombie apocalypse games, first thing I thought it is actually pretty realistic even without the zombie virus thing, The Road is a good example aswell.

So what do you think ? Ever wondered if it is possible ?