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Message Subject Elenin..2005 YU55..November and Ancient Prophecies Align
Poster Handle Tulisanes
Post Content
i already posted this elsewhere, but at the time events with elenin were different. now i realize many things i wrote proved prophetic. it appears the bible code matrix is coming true.

i repeat below (copied and pasted) that post. pls. remember i posted this many months ago before the recent break-up of comet elenin:


[link to i665.photobucket.com]

the first time i viewed the bible code above which hinted of a comet, something about how the words are laid out told me that the layout did not happen by accident. there was design in the layout; the words were not there by random. somehow it is a clue to how to interpret the bible code matrix. now that comet elenin is just round the corner, i thought i'll try.

before i start, ideally, download the image above and open it on a separate viewer positioned on half of your screen, while this browser on the other half of the screen and with you following my thoughts below.

here is my two-cents worth of my interpretation of the bible code:

...at the center we see two SUN words. crossing one SUN vertically is TONGUE-LIKE...

to anyone with vivid imagination, this looks like the sun going into a coronal mass ejection or CME.

...the other SUN has CANADA inside and crossing vertically with this SUN, along with TONGUE-LIKE, is COMET and SMITTEN...

by the time strange things are happening to the sun, with violent solar storms and, maybe, magnetic storms on earth triggered by CMEs, a comet (elenin?) will be passing which, by standards of a regular comet, this one will be passing awfully close by as to cause much destruction and with canada as named target.

...above and below the two SUN is BLUNDERBUSS/ SCATTER-GUN (which is sort of an antique sawed off shotgun that sprays a blast of bullets). with this in mind plus, again, the vertical COMET and beside it the vertical SMITTEN and a curious vertical TIPPING at the very center, which stretches across one SUN and connecting together the two BLUNDERBUSS/SCATTER-GUN above and below...

can this mean at the time the sun is acting up, something likewise affects the comet, maybe a "tongue-like" CME belched by the sun, and this becomes the tipping point! whatever it is that affects the comet, it results in a shower of fragment impacts on earth, particularly canada, over a sixty mile diameter of that nation will be "smitten."

...the BLUNDERBUSS/SCATTER-GUN above and below the two SUN has SIXTY and MILE inside them...

(up to now has anyone noticed the symmetry of layout in the code words: two SUN at the center, two BLUNDERBUSS/SCATTER-GUN above and below this, MILE and SIXTY both inside of and placed on the left and right of BLUNDERBUSS/SCATTER-GUN, and at dead center is TIPPING, and so on? it seems to tell us to focus on the center then radiate outward: like TIPPING, SUN, TONGUE-LIKE (cme?), COMET, SMITTEN, CANADA, BLUNDERBUSS/SCATTER-GUN (i'd like to stop because from here on it become blurry on which comes next --words on left or right, up or down). but from these words a cryptic picture emerges: a tipping point will happen with the main cause if it all --the sun, which will reach the height of a solar storm and explodes with a massive and fiery solar plasma. just as this happens, maybe the comet predicted to pass by very close to earth, comet elenin, will be in the path of a massive tongue-like CME between the sun and the earth and blows the tail and all its trailing fragments to earth...

(truth to tell, as i'm making this one up, with my over-active imagination deciphering a story from how the code words are laid, i'm getting goosebumps. because suddenly i remember seeing on youtube a cme actually blowing off the tail of a passing comet. pls. anyone verify that.)

...over a diameter of SIXTY MILE will TERRIFYING and LETHAL LARGE FRAGMENTARY be SPEEDED to earth and falling all over CANADA (using here the code words themselves to create the sentence).

notice the word MILE appearing twice in the matrix, with one just above CRATER, and notice LARGE swallowing up CRATER on the same line, with a diagonal FRAGMENTARY reaching up and touching ERADICATION above (TILTING also inside ERADICATION)...

this can also mean a mile of crater will be formed, with complete eradication made by a large fragmentary piece/pieces of the comet. the world will be watching as deadly projectiles can be seen speeding and entering earth's atmosphere at a tilt or angle.

something here doesn't add, but there seems to be intelligent design as to how these words are placed. at the extreme left, a vertical SEISMIC crosses with MANTLE. ok, earthquake can be associated with the earth's mantle (a lot of earthquakes lately). to mid-right just above COMET is AXIS and below it is MODIFIER. there is another AXIS at top right above ERADICATION.

i'm almost tempted to say but i won't due to lack of other convincing words in the matrix (but i'm going to say it anyway). can this mean the dreaded polar reversal wherein the earth is thrown off its axis (hence, the comet is the cause of this, or the MODIFIER)?

too far-fetched already. i don't think so. that is stretching it too far.


seriously, we should look into my sudden theory above that the tail of comet elenin can be blown off toward earth by a cme when the comet gets very close to earth later in the year. remember, nasa has been warning us about solar storms for sometime now?

luckily after writing all this, i just have enough time to search on youtube before posting. here, a video on a cme snipping away the tail of a comet like it were some poor tadpole!

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