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Subject ***** The Stranglers-- "The Chronicles Of Vladimir" *****
Poster Handle Monkeyfister
Post Content
The Stranglers-- The Chronicles Of Vladimir:

You all know about the Stranglers' most excellent Chronicles of Vladimir, right? It is the longest-running gag in all of Music History. No-- honest, it IS. Yes, in all of Music History.

Poor, poor, DOOOOMED Vladimir. His story is truly EPIC. Spanning over thirty years, now... and SIX terrible, perilous, depraved, gruesome, and heart-rending episodes... so far.

The Chronicles Of Vladimir...

PART 1: "The strange circumstances which lead to Vladimir and Olga 'requesting' rehabilitation in a Siberian health resort as a result of stress in furthering the people's policies... or Vladimir and Olga Eat Ergot-tainted Bread:

PART 2: Vladimir and Sergei

"... That night, they came to cure Vladimir of his illness."

PART 3: Vladimir and the Beast

Vladimir is cured of his "illness," and sent to the Front of Russia's war in Afghanistan...

PART 4: Vladimir Goes to Havana

Vladimir talks the Soviet authorities into allowing him to go to Havana...

[link to www.youtube.com]

PART 5: Viva Vlad!

Vladimir is detained by the Havana police and set adrift in a small dingy.

PART 6: Vladimir and the Pearl

No description for this sad chapter...

We look forward to the next episode!

We're still allowed to laugh at the Soviets... Right?
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