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9/11 Revisited 08, whistle blowers ! who are they ?

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09/14/2011 05:55 PM
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9/11 Revisited 08, whistle blowers ! who are they ?
Well the 9/11 10th anniversary has come and gone, and itís fair to say that the mainstream media has been true to form, churning out a slew of documentaries and articles which use tried and trusted tactics of distraction and distortion, misrepresentation of the facts and crude personal attacks while ignoring any problematic evidence which contradicts the official story. Likewise, supporters of the official story in Internet-land continue to use equally specious arguments and diversionary tactics, as I discovered over the weekend.

Hereís a brief overview of some of the tactics and fallacies employed by those who defend the official story.

Read the rest of the story and see video at
[link to www.latenightinthemidlands.com]