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Winged Planet Is Here (The Young Will Rule)

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09/16/2011 08:21 AM
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Winged Planet Is Here (The Young Will Rule)
My girlfriend had a premonitory dream about a month ago. She is very simple in her view of life and that is incredibly beautiful. I was away and she called me on the phone as soon as she awoke. It was a powerful moment and I could feel the energy through the phone. This is what she told me (she has a british accent):

"You're not going to believe this. I just had this dream..."

(she expressed that it was beyond any 'dream' she had ever had, incredibly lucid.)


She was outside, standing, looking up. She recalled others being around. They were in awe of something in the sky. She immediately saw an object and recognized it as Earth, but was very confused, because she couldn't understand how it could be Earth when she was on Earth already. As she witnessed this she had little time to react b/c it was growing and approaching rapidly.

Her instinct was to run to her daughters (10 & 12), and that she needed to get to them ASAP.

The problem was that there was no time.

She fully accepted the situation, knowing that nothing could be done. She braced for impact.

It happened. But there was no impact. It came right into and seemingly through the Earth. She looked around to see everything just as it was, but full of vividness. Refreshed. New. She couldn't comprehend what had just happened.

What woke her up from this dream was a voice. It stated:

"The Young Will Rule The World."

It was a child's voice. And it woke her up.

(it could have said 'children' instead of 'young'; she wasn't sure)

Her daughter was lying next to her asleep in bed and she had thought it was her speaking.

I feel that it may all happen far sooner than we imagine.

Today, tomorrow....

If you've lacked appreciation, gratitude, mindfulness or genuine expression of love for those in your life recently, then today would be the day to pick these traits back up and begin expressing yourself as authentically as possible.

I'm not sure how well bunkers will work in this scenario. If you do have one and you sense it all beginning to move, then just gather those you love and appreciate every moment while you proceed to take cover.

Remember how rare and precious human birth truly is.

I've combed and searched silently for months now and it all came together this past evening for me. And I can only speak for myself.

Earth is a beautiful ride, and we are all beautiful beings.

Although I never knew you upon Earth, I do know that we have and will always be together in spirit. We are, right now, sharing in the collective and eternally awesome power that beats these hearts.

For this I am beyond grateful.

This month may in fact come and go, uneventful. But, I take no chances.

Whether this does or doesn't get pinned is ok. Those who read it will read it. If you gain something from this, awesome. If you see it as woowoo fluff, awesome :)

I have studied the EU theory, been researching Elenin, Niburu and potential for false flag events regarding all of the recent celestial phenomenon.

I saw videos of the anomaly filmed from Auckland, South America and Houston. I didn't place much stock into it initially, but I just came back to it this evening after listening to an interview from a fellow discussing the winged planet (planet x). It seems that this is what we're dealing with.

In closing,

"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes" - Walt Whitman

"We are always at the beginning of things,
in the fragile moment that holds the power of life.
We are always at the morning of the world."
- François Cheng

"We are not poor, pitiful struggling humans trying to have mystical experiences. We are great and awesomely powerful, and mighty spiritual beings trying to have human experiences and we're just not real good at it yet. But we're attempting." - Dannion Brinkley

There is no end, so persist as Love.

Last Edited by AlmightyLife on 09/16/2011 09:34 AM
"Even if our words are just, even if our thoughts are precise, that is not the same as truth." - Master Taisen Deshimaru

User ID: 1552263
09/16/2011 09:01 AM
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Re: Winged Planet Is Here (The Young Will Rule)
i just heard a song today, one of the main lyric lines was something like "You will stand your ground as the sky comes down". it resonated with this for me :) there is nothing to fear. embrace all

User ID: 1544411
United States
09/16/2011 09:28 AM
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Re: Winged Planet Is Here (The Young Will Rule)
This man will stand like a Titan against Nibiru and deflect it's ungodly force.-----------otrike