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Message Subject Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines [PIN THIS TIHS]
Poster Handle tinygreen
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The tumors are multiplying still, i found the newest one about 2 weeks ago, it's actually pressing on a nerve in my right calf. They can be removed, but they will always come back. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a doctor who will remove them because I'm diabetic. My mom bought me a cane so I could get around, the doctor wouldn't prescribe me one, and I cant even wear shoes because of the ones on my feet. I'm getting new medical in November so hopefully I can find a new doctor who is willing to help me. Thank you.


edit - There is a 85% chance according to my doctor that they will grow on my kidney's since I had kidney failure when I was 13. The kidney failure was caused by strep.
 Quoting: djdragona

well, crap. i'm very sorry to hear that you are undergoing so much hardship from something that was supposed to help your health.

stay strong. you might be able to be part of a class action suit or receive some redress from the company which made the vaccine or the people who encouraged and gave you the shot.
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