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Message Subject 4 Horsemen: Nibiru, Elenin, YU55, and what is the fourth Horseman?
Poster Handle ^Watcher^
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Try this explanation and see if it doesn't sound a little like truth...

White Horseman: The apostate church. Rider is given a crown (just as the Church is promised a crown in scriptures) and a bow but no arrows. The Hebrew picture word for "to miss the mark" or sin is the bow with no arrows. The White Horseman has been riding for at least a century according to some.

Red Horseman: Communism. The Rider is given a sword and is given power to take peace from the earth and for them to kill "each other". Unlike popular explanations where the white and the red horsemen are working in tandem with each other, it could almost be inferred that the red horseman is given power to kill the "apostate church" or white horseman with the phrase "each other". Some say this horseman has long been riding as well.

Black Horseman: Rider is given scales and the voice of God (voice from the midst of the four beasts...NOT the rider of the black horse talking here) tells the rider he can have "1 measure of wheat (gentiles that are God's children...see Matthew 13 "Wheat and Tares" parable)" for a denarius (group of ten...kingdoms, leaders, UN, perhaps?) and "3 measures of barley (jewish people not of Abraham's direct bloodline) for a denarius but see that he does not hurt the oil (Spirit-filled Christians) and the wine (jewish descendants from Abraham's direct bloodline)". This rider represents the Global Police State and the scales represent that the souls of many will be weighed in the balances and found wanting. {This is NOT about a famine, though that will be taking place at this same time, but something MUCH more sinister and involved than we have been told.} This Horseman is riding as we speak.

Pale Horseman: Is Death and Hell follows after him. He is given power over the "4th part of the earth" (personal note: 1 "measure of wheat" and 3 "measures of barley"= 4) to kill with the sword, with hunger and with the beast of the field. This horseman is soon to ride and may coincide with the 6th seal which I believe is "Elenin" and the 7th Seal could be "Niburu". Go to Biblegateway.com and read up on Revelation 6:12-17 and Revelation 8 for further descriptions of these.
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