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Message Subject ?????MAYBE COMET ELENIN IS FALSE FLAG FOR YU55??????
Poster Handle bigred7104
Post Content
Elenin is the one with quakes during alignment. This could be truly the cause of the alignment or coincidence.
We have had quakes with no alignment- which to me means alignment from Elenin cannot be to blame.

My two theories are either YU55 or some unknown object we have not seen causing magnetic disturbance as it comes closer to us. This WOULD explain the increase in quakes which appear to be building in strength.

Or maybe the unknown object is in FRONT of Elenin because the mag 9 Japan quake was on March 11 but alignment with comet was on March 15. Everybody waiting for Elenin alignment on 9/26 would get the gift early! Would be total surprise and unexpected. Maybe this is why the comet slowed down? Something on front in the way. This puts the alignment on 9/22 instead of 9/26.

Republicans will be in Florida 9/22 for debate...which works out mighty nicely for Obama! Might they need to bring a float???

Peace out!
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