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Message Subject ?????MAYBE COMET ELENIN IS FALSE FLAG FOR YU55??????
Poster Handle Psychotek
Post Content
I don't think so, everyone is bunkering down on 9-27th timeframe, way too early for YU55.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1515870

Bunkering down??? Or maybe.... GETTING BRIEFED.

OP, I'm with you... and in the last few weeks I have been wondering the same thing.

It seems to me that *IF* YU55 was on a colision course and TPTB knew this, they wouldn't let the cat out of the bag too soon. They would have to wait until all options were exhausted, then let the controlling forces know. What I mean to say is, they're NOT gonna tell various military heads, POTUS and or Emergency response personnel six months out from the incident... There's too much of a chance that the info would leak. However, if they told them in the weeks before hand, then there would be too much to do, and less likelyhood of a leak developing.

Just my 2 cents :-)
 Quoting: Psychotek

they cant let you know because the law was changed to make this a secret as to not cause a fucking panic. just deal with it and make your peace. if you know about, then bunker down. people are smart, but humans are dumb.rant
 Quoting: duhhhhh!

I agree with you... They would NOT be letting the general population know. Indeed that would create chaos. HOWEVER, If one branch of TPTB knows of a catastrophic event, they would undoubtedly tell the other branches, so that they can make plans to remain TPTB in the future, facing this threat. (Or possibility of threat)

What I was trying to sum up is that this one branch, let's say Naval observatories or NASA or hell, even FEMA (It really doesn't matter which branch or disaster you choose)has knowledge of some impending disaster.... They're gonna hold that info close until they have completed all the mitigation that they can. Then, when the time is right, notify the other branches of the impending threat, (I.E. -- Hey guys... There's this asteroid coming into our orbit in about six weeks or so. We've crunched the numbers and double checked our data... There's a high likelyhood that it will impact the Earth. We've waited until now to advise you because we were verifying certainties... Blah, Blah, Blah... We are advising you now of what we know as well as our speculations in order for you to get your equipment and personnel in order...

OF COURSE they wouldn't tell the public, even six weeks out. They MAY tip their hand though.... After the 27th.

Just a thought
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