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Subject NASA - Truth mixed with Disinfo - elenin YU55
Poster Handle Duchess_of_Eden
Post Content
Nasa & Stellarium shows elenin & YU55 to be in the west between the Sun & Saturn.

Are the coordinates we have been given true.....

I took some photos of the sun on the 18th Sept, 2011 around 6am East Coast Australia. There was a haze all over the sky and it caused the sun to be really red and amazing.

Didn't expect to see anything.

Photo Shows a massive anomaly bottom left hand of sun. (Not sure what it is just really huge almost quarter size of sun)

On the 20th sept. took more photos and a video trying to see if I could capture the same thing. Above the sun is another anomaly that looks like
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
as posted by Seer777.

The problem is that these anomalies are in the EAST and at the rising of the sun.

Not in the WEST.

Will upload some photos later this afternoon.

We all know lies and disinfo are rife.

So get up early for the sunrise and start snapping away lets see what we get.
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