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Message Subject Anybody Else Scared Shitless?????
Poster Handle Observer114
Post Content
Things are changing fast, happening fast. It's good to try to prepare as much as possible, within reason, for things that could happen - like having some extra supplies on hand for times of shortages, cash on hand, things along those lines.

Unfortunately, no one can cover all the possible scenerios that could happen, and be 100% prepared for all of them. All we can do is what we can, and trust God for it all.

Through it all.

It's tempting to want a "bunker", but a bunker will not be much good if it's near the epicenter of a horrific earthquake, or is in a flood area and will become submerged, or if it's in an area where a super volcano can cover it will tons of ash. That's why I don't envy anyone going to Colorado...a major quake or Yellowstone or the super volcano in New Mexico decide to blow, and Denver won't do you much good, even in a bunker.

It's nice to *think* we are in total control, and then feel safe and secure, but the reality is, no one on earth can be...if TS really HTF.

Cataclysms have happened in the past. Life continued to go on. Humans have survived many of them so far...just have to roll with the punches this time around...and trust God through it all.


Enjoy life we have now, be wise to prepare for what we can...trust for the rest.
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