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3 days of darkness..

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User ID: 1517939
09/24/2011 12:05 PM
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3 days of darkness..
So alot of prophecies from different cultures predict some sort of extended night. Alot of us on GPL have tried to find the probably culprit behind this event. Some have suggested Elenin or other outlandish celestial bodies and possibilities.

However, i had another thought. The darkness will not be caused by an eclipsing of the sun. Nothing will be begin enough, or orbiting at the right speed/distance for it to occult the sun from the earth for 3 days.

But, i do think the sun will actually just "shut off"! I'm always following the state of the sun on sites like:
[link to www.spaceweather.com]

But after seeing the monstrosity that's growing on the sun right now, i had a thought. What would prevent a sunspot so big, it would cover the entire sun? As the sun cycle speeds up and we see more activity, it could possibly be part of the way a star goes through its cycles.

Afterall, some native Indians call our world the "fourth sun", is it because they've witness in thir collective histories an event which would see the sun shutoff, and come back to life as a renewed sun?

Food for thought.

User ID: 1530747
09/24/2011 12:07 PM
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Re: 3 days of darkness..
for the horde