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Charlie Brown football doom (the last doom ever)

archery mom

User ID: 1870038
United States
09/24/2011 01:53 PM
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Charlie Brown football doom (the last doom ever)
What I see is massive, multi-faceted attention seeking behavior from ? (tptb?). We the people are given some kind of doom to get our panties all in a twist over in suspiciously convenient intervals. When one doom peters out, there's another one conveniently sitting in the wings to have it's 10 minutes of fame.

The deception is so massive we just don't see it. I'll bet all the official looking satellite tracking sites we've all been glued to for the past few days (and arguing among ourselves about which ones are "live" and which ones are just "projected positions") are all produced by the same person/group/whatever. And don't bother searching whois (or whatever that site ownership information organization is called) because I'm sure that's manipulated, too. So this uars satellite holds our undivided attention for a few days, and when the bottom falls out of that anticipated adrenaline rush, what do we have? ANOTHER satellite is conveniently ready to plummet to earth with promises of spectacular doom.

This whole comet/planet x/nibiru thing is gonna turn out the same way I'll bet. And I'll freely admit I've been watching and anticipating just like most of you. And what exactly you're anticipating doesn't really matter, just the fact that you're paying attention and anticipating anything satisfies "their" purpose.

Just like dems and repubs. When you stand back and look at them objectively, they're all the same thing. The dems want to give people fish, the repubs want to issue you a fishing license. They both have the same goal, though: (allegedly) They want people to eat. When you stand back and look objectively, though, you can see that their goal isn't that people eat, it's to have control over you.

Well, I'm sick of being played for a fool. At this point I'm not going to believe any of it till I personally feel the ground shake, see an honest man be elected, see the wave coming, wake up in the morning and it's still dark, or (heaven forbid!) my tomato plant dies.

I feel like Charlie Brown who's had Lucy pull the football away at the last minute just one time too many. Game over. Not playing anymore. Go home, Lucy.