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Subject Falling Satellite Similair to Cloverfield Movie...? weird
Poster Handle Coward
Post Content

top comment says this with 21 thumbs up..

It was a satellite from a Japanese Satellite company that Rob (Main Character) was going to work for if he left Manhattan to Japan, the satellite is called Slusho, it fell from the Earth's orbit because it failed. It came down into the Atlantic Ocean, which awakes the Monster's sleep from her Million Year sleep, she was on an angry rampage and striked Manhattan. *SPOILER* Also, the director comfirmed it was actually a satellite.

what if... the comet elenin alignment and earth and sun or w.e on september 27th caused the majour earthquakes... thus.. waking up some creature placed in the oceans... and in the video clip it says april 27th.... you could simply change april to september... september 27th.

msnbc said this

[link to video.ca.msn.com]

saying mostly in the bottom of the ocean...

idk i just think itd be weird if some sort of cloverfield like situation happened to the us and maybe thats why they all goin to denver bunkers to gtfo.
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