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Message Subject the illuminati WAS NOT made an offer they couldn't refuse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When will this NoBody finally be given his independence and freed from the Matrix of the Satanic Empire ? It has been 13 years now how much longer will he have to wait ?

That is the real question .
It started when i was 24 -now i am 37.
I want a compensation for immaterial damage .

The Metaphor with the the white Italian having a walk at 4 in the Bronx is also not soo wrong.
Also i know that their Blood is the opposite of Holy because if they meat a kosher person like i was their sheer instinct or reflex is to spit out Demons.
A Demon is always a unclean spirit for some purpose and they emerge from these 13 Satanic Bloodlines.
And this is a fact i always tried to explain them these 13 years.

Any purpose never justifies any means .,-
If it would Adolf Hitler must be canonized because he had a holy purpose but the wrong (?) means.
Throught 1000´s of years there has not been one movement opposed to the Illuminati.
The jewish people nailed Jesus on the cross.
The only movement that ever existed opposed to the greed and Mammon worshipping Illuminati was Nationalsocialism- : Nationalsozialismus.
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