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Message Subject the illuminati WAS NOT made an offer they couldn't refuse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If they kill the Nobody there will be a Holy War unlike anything that has been witnessed before. It would not matter if the assailant were Illuminati/Cabal, a government agent, or a hired hit man, such an attempt would represent a high crime against the Most High and would be dealt with directly by His forces. It would be nothing shy of a slaughter.

The Nobody WILL NOT and WOULD NOT commit suicide under any circumstance. There is a reason the Most High waits to play His hand. The only reason the dark forces have continued their assault is because they are unaware of the True Force wielded by the Most High. They have been afforded a few glimpses of this raw power, but have no idea the strength that at a moment's notice can be unleashed against them.
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