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Message Subject the elohim = pleiades/orion/masters of deception/parasites/authors of the book
Poster Handle * Dawn *
Post Content
 Quoting: xen


Hello friend,

I see you haven't logged in for a while. Just stopping by to show some love and gratitude.

That cat picture is adorable and heart warming.

So perception has marched on and many things have come into the light and continue to come into the Light.

I am aware of so much more than when I started in 2011, and remain ignorant to so much.

I continue to expand my consciousness, thus the universe, and I assume the Verses.

I have found my way to the teachings of Ester Hicks/Abraham and Wayne Dyer. Louise Hay just passed away and on that day I picked up a nugget from one of her audio tapes about continuing to learn into old age. She mentioned the Vimala Alphabet (change the way you write and change your life). ha ha

So I too am learning to write differently. If anything I am adding more beauty, grace, and style to my writing. But I have a positive expectation that the neurons in my brain and rewiring, so that can't be a bad thing for me.

Also I have learned about the Language of Light and released that I am one of those people who have found their way to this new way of communicating (with nature?) by talking weirdly (I thought I was just doing it in jest) but mostly my toning sounds. I found myself healing my hen in the chicken coop several years ago and duplicated the sounds that I love 432 and 528 hz. Since then, I am compelled to tone these sounds often and now I know that others have found their way to this new communication as well.

That and my new baking skills (sourdough baby!), is enough to keep me busy this month!

Well, I bid you fairly-well and shall see you around the Cosmos!

Peace and Love
Love and Thank.
Your friend, Dawn hf
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