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Message Subject the elohim = pleiades/orion/masters of deception/parasites/authors of the book
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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we are born into this world with the free will to choose between unconditional love & compassion and sensual desire and greed. we align with these energies accordingly

the elohim [link to www.universo7p.it (secure)] have written a book and believed til now that it would end the way they had written it. they are wrong, dead wrong. it will not end this way and it's time for them to be exposed

they have written the modern book of war, economics, medicine, media, politics, science, religion, education and mainstream xxx

the ancients are back to restore truth

they have infiltrated (due to the choices made by certain individuals) many secret societies and govern the ruling elite. the minions are oblivious to this of course. one organisation in particular were once the guardians of truth, they have a portrait in every gl of a great man who's birthday coincides with rituals they created to have their minions burn cats. they thought this was funny

they are cowards, they attack people in their sleep and do so in packs. they use paralysis energy that frightens many. there is nothing to fear, this paralysis energy is in fact made of cotton and easy to tear through

i know that some on this site are closely aligned to these parasites. that's ok, you won't be judged. these words are for those watching over you (most are consciously unaware). your time is up and you are no longer welcome here

my dear friends below have their sights on you, they remember

:cat spirit:
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