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Message Subject GIRD uP as GRID Collapses
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I am not role playing, not my thing regarding these kind of things.

Many people are struggling and not just net but phone as well in the New England area

I cannot stay online for any length of time-and the phone has been out most of the day-

it is intermittent currently, but more down than uP.

As far as expecting it to get better-I am not all that optimistic even if it does it for a short time, seems it is inevitable...

I have a good friend in the hospital with Meningitis...and they cannot determine if he is seriously contagious or not...his wife sits with him...she just fought cancer...and they are younger than me-they are in early thirties...

Serious as he is very fit normally-exceptionally...

I have talked with many who are having abdominal cramping and diet changes or the food they normally enjoy is not palatable...

As far as my animals are concerned, I am noting changes. My animals are low to the ground
instances of nausea are worsening-

I have also had to save them a few times when they have a spasm in their diaphragms-and they even run at me when it happens as they are not able to breathe.

They cannot breathe, and they freak out...I am not referring to old animals...but 1-2 yrs old...

Their appetite is depressed and their bowel results seem off as well...

They are clustering around me often and seemingly distressed but not sure why...

they are sleeping off and on...but a few of them seem overly 'nervous' lately...so not sure what is up with that.

Canary in the mine to be sure-so I am girding myself for that...

Nearby neighbors reported "energy changes" that they have noted have been waking them in the middle of the night

I suggested meditation...when it happens-working with the changes at hand-whatever one wants to ascribe them to-they are happening

It was very overcast the whole day and storms throughout-very dense cloud cover and VERY LOW CEILING

Heaven coming down???

Not much wind overall-

but dreary for most.It already is dark outside and soon no light with the cloud cover we have.

I need to post this before I go down again.

Planning on working on writing, and some art I have been creating.

Playing ContraBass now and then and harmonica...my keyboard is electrical so if it goes down I will stick with percussion, strings, and harp'...

Gird uP...in ALL ways, make ready.hf
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