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Fukushima 9/29 EQ really an explosion?

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United States
09/29/2011 09:06 AM
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Fukushima 9/29 EQ really an explosion?
19:05 9/29/2011(JST) ,there was an earthquake near Fukushima plants.

Scale 5+


Strange points

1) Though it was a major earthquake,it was scale 5+ only around Fukushima nuc plants.

2) According to Japan Meteorological Agency,the epicenter was “very shallow”.They can’t even specify how deep it was.

3) Though Fukushima city is in the same prefecture,it was only scale 1 there.

4) A lot of the people heard loud brontide,which is rare for normal earthquake.

Unconfirmed info (info from Twitter)

1) The epicenter is right under Fukushima plants.

2) From the live streaming video,sometimes you see flash from the buildings.

3) From the live streaming video,steam is coming up from around reactor 4.


1) Radiation level is increasing.
In Futabayama area, 21.48 uSv/h @9/21 → 24.65 uSv/h @9/29 19:01

2) Unusual amount of helicopters and airplanes are flying around in Fukushima. (hovering near Ishimori,Kamiya,etc..)

[link to fukushima-diary.com]
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United States
10/01/2011 04:24 PM
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Re: Fukushima 9/29 EQ really an explosion?
The situation at Fukushima is way more serious than people realize, it's an ongoing nuclear disaster with potentially devastating consequences for Earth.