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Unified Field Theory (UFT) & Undefined Flying Object (UFO)

Power of Knowledge
User ID: 2365902
09/30/2011 11:45 AM
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Unified Field Theory (UFT) & Undefined Flying Object (UFO)
Here is a very-brief of information I reached..enjoy it
The UFOs sightings started in 1950ís or maybe before, but the questions are ,,, are they real? Are they outsiders ? are they Aliens or humans ? !!!!!
YES!!!! They are real , because millions of people canít be wrong of what their eyes had seen, and NO!!! they are not outsiders , they are from Earth for many logical and scientific reasonsÖ.
1. Their flying speed , it is very fast comparing to the regular military & public air-planes, but it cant be traveling from another galaxy with its speed,, as we all know the nearest galaxy to us is billions of light years far from ours.
2. The developing of their shapes , functions and numbers , we could see the pictures of the captured UFOs since 1950s till now, we would notice a stunning development and mass UFO sightings increasing from a year to the next ..
3. Government cover up and the high level of secrecy in the most areas where people can see UFOs,,, like (Area 51 , Groom Lake, etc,,,,,)
4. Think about it and see what does it make sense more ,, are they from earth or not ?!
Are they Humans or Aliens ? before we answer we have to know about something , which is the Unified Field Theory of Einstein .. in non-scientific words you can say its talking about how you can reach to convergence speed of light.. this is the theory which it makes Einstein in his famous quote ::What would I see if I rode on a beam of light ??
So according to the current understanding of physics, forces are not transmitted directly between objects, but instead are described by intermediary entities called fields. All four of the known fundamental forces are mediated by fields, which in the Standard Model of particle physics result from exchange of gauge bosons. Specifically the four interactions to be unified are:
 Strong interaction: the interaction responsible for holding quarks together to form neutrons and protons, and holding neutrons and protons together to form nuclei. The exchange particle that mediates this force is the gluon.
 Electromagnetic interaction: the familiar interaction that acts on electrically charged particles. The photon is the exchange particle for this force.
 Weak interaction: a repulsive short-range interaction responsible for some forms of radioactivity, that acts on electrons, neutrinos, and quarks. It is governed by the W and Z bosons.
 Gravitational interaction: a long-range attractive interaction that acts on all particles. The postulated exchange particle has been named the graviton.
Modern unified field theory attempts to bring these four interactions together into a single framework.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

when you try to search about this theory, you donít find a lot about it !!!!!! are they hiding it ?? trying to say it doesnít work ? trying not make the light puts on it?? Anyhow when read about it ,it does make sense ,,,
now lets link these four interactions to the mechanism of the Undefined Flying Object (UFO) ,, does it fit ? technically it does :) and weíll get a Unified Field Object (UFO)
here we go, now we can answer the question of are they humans or aliens ? the best answer for this ,,,,, they are abnormal humans with ugly-looking and weak body due to these reasons ..
1 the weather they get in their secret bases under-water or wherever , they get an artificial Oxygen , light , temperature , etc,,,,,
2 DNA modification ,, why??????? Here is the BIG reason Ö So they can stand or hold out the UFO properties ,, the super high-speed , instability of the high and low pressure and so on Ö.
Okay guys , this was so briefly I donít want to go for so long and I hope you could find something helpful in this and seriously this thing I know a lot about it , Iíve been making researches for couple of years , so if Iíve found some interest from you about then Iíll be posting about i
t Ö
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1093381
United States
09/30/2011 11:49 AM
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Re: Unified Field Theory (UFT) & Undefined Flying Object (UFO)
Power of Knowledge (OP)
User ID: 2365902
09/30/2011 11:55 AM
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Re: Unified Field Theory (UFT) & Undefined Flying Object (UFO)

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1093381

Recheck it all of these are the old technical properties and what they are aiming to accomplish is the Unified Field theory