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Message Subject In 1977 a supposed Alien Hacked in to ITV news in the UK for 6 minutes to pass on a message, here is that message.
Poster Handle El_Duderino
Post Content

"ITN News was Hijacked in 1977 by an external source claiming to be from The Ashatr Galactic Command. They do not know what caused it and it has never happend since. The Age of Aquarius is coming in 2012. This is a warning that some big changes are underway in 2012 or before."

What caught me about this was what was actually said about our governments and that we were coming in to the age of Aquarius.

I know this is old and that there have been several theorys about students pulling a prank but no one to my knowledge has come forward.

Please remember guys just because this is old does not mean everybody has seen it.

I would love to know what you guys think on this.

Would it be easy for a normal person to hack in to ITV news network and take over the audio for 6 minutes?

What the alienhackertard said about our governments has come true, so that gives us something to think about also.

[/quote That's awesome..thanks for sharing!!!bumpalien03
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