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Message Subject Calling all Great Minds: A discussion on Reality
Poster Handle AWFUL
Post Content
On first responce after only reading you first post;

Ones reality must exist only on the here and now and only with what one can see, hear and feel. "staying grounded" , "Here on Earth". Your health is derectally related to your intellegince'

as is your life-style and general area.


Where is your ass ?

How is your ass ?

What is your ass going to do today and is it cool ?

Do you use your ass (as in touch) more than the rest of your boby ?
Like your feet.

Does it give back (to the earth) more than the rest of your body ?
Matter as aposed to bullshit or usefully imformation.

Would you show your ass off ?

Are you a smart dumbass or a dumb smartass.

What is your most favoret thing to put under your ass ?
Is it cool ?

Face it, asses are important.

When ones reality become to assotiated with things that are not in the imemdeate area, ones abillity to exist in that area will most likely require outside assistence (fuel). This could go on and on and is common knowege here.


Yes, there is a right and wrong.
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