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Message Subject Calling all Great Minds: A discussion on Reality
Poster Handle starseed73
Post Content
The nature of reality
while normal- reality just is
on acid- reality is a cartoon of colors and nothing really connects to anything else it all just sort of vibrates against each other or rotates slowly. The concepts we think create reality and the brain connects those concepts to experiences we had before to create an understanding of the concepts.
on mushrooms- everything is hyper real and if you look into the mirror you will see how you look to others and lose all the ego which obscures elements of yourself that others might see but you cannot see about yourself.
on salvia- the world is a frightening jumble of madness that hits you like a sledgehammer and leaves you wondering who you are and what your doing here and whether anything is even real at all.
On DXM- everything has happened before, all moments are the same moment and were a soul controlling a body like remote control. Floating outside and above and behind controlling it like a puppet. The universe is all blending together and time is an illusion, a repeating vibration.
In meditation- reality the universal conciousness
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what is DMX??

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