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Message Subject Calling all Great Minds: A discussion on Reality
Poster Handle MutantMessiah
Post Content
...Then we slowly come to realize or it may happen in an instant as an 'aha" moment, that as an individual you and you alone are in complete control of the board and you can put the pieces back however you like....the rules have now changed and you are the one making up the rules as you reassembled the board.

Eventually, you come to realize once again, that each and everyone of us, has our own game going on, our own board, and we come together and we share what is going on within our game but we no longer have to share one board. Woohoo!!!!!

But, the new rule is you cannot tell anyone else how to play the game. It's like being in one big room, with millions of tables. Some are sitting at round tables sharing a board still. Others are fighting over whose board they will use for their mutually shared game and others are playing as individuals and sharing with each other what they are learning about their game and maybe moving their game pieces in such a manner that their boards are beginning to look very similar! This is my take on reality!

 Quoting: Eastside45

Love it!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2957050

Me too, this is great, but I would add to it. It follows that all the way up until your will is the will of all boards, then beyond.
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