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Message Subject Calling all Great Minds: A discussion on Reality
Poster Handle 616
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Soul is just the fancy word for your conciousness, if you look up what the human body is really made out of, will see that it is many different types of micro organisms, and bacteria that all work together.
That is what your genetic code is, the makeup of these tiny creatures.

the micro organisms control half the brain, your soul controls the other half, the conscious half.

God's temple is your body, that is in the bible, and that is true, god is in all of us, that is also true, the god particle is our soul, when we die the flesh, the the microbs, and all the rest seperate, including our memories, ready to be used again.

look up about your stomach having its own "brain" it is a colony of bacteria that knows how to talk to your subconscious. If it detects something very bitter / poison it will tell your subconscious to throw up. Your "soul" doesnt have a lot of control, and if you fight it, just makes it worse. they all talk with electricity.
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