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Message Subject Calling all Great Minds: A discussion on Reality
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to montalk.net]

Philip K. Dick may have picked up on this when, as part of a series of mystical experiences, he experienced an overlap or temporal resonance between himself and his former incarnation living concurrently alongside him in ancient Rome:

Within our spatiotemporal universe it is impossible that USA 1974 and Rome AD 45 could be one and the same … how could they be? They are at two times and two places. The only way they could be one and the same would be if time and space were somehow not real; or, put another way, if something about the two continua themselves were not real. That is, if Rome was not Rome; USA was not USA; but both were a third thing, the same thing.

This is why I call it a meta-abstraction. USA 1974 and Rome AD 45 are two ways of looking at the same thing: two aspects of the same thing. And the only way you are ever going to realize this is if you literally actually see the two of them superimposed, commingled; and this will only happen if you experience anamnesis; and you will only experience this anamnesis if something simulates—releases, actually—your blocked memory.

I treat only the spatiotemporal realm as irreal, but, as in Gnosticism, I treat it as a deliberate trap by a deluder; therefore I envision a Savior who reveals the truth to us and who breaks the power of this world (heimarmene) over us (these are two things; he must obliterate time and its power over us, its ostensible reality, to free us from heimarmene). Therefore I envision an antithetical combat—dialectic—between the Deluder, who has only a posteriori knowledge, and the Savior, who has a priori knowledge, concerning us and the hold this world has on us. This is clear Gnosticism; but I envision the real world as Plato’s Form world, and I hold, with Plotinus, that it is near at hand, not a transcendent deity far removed from here; it is here and that deity is immediately here. I envision a hierarchy of realms, as with Plotinus. We fell; we were in a sense ensnared; we took this spatiotemporal realm to be real; we made an intellectual, not moral, error, and it was us, not our ancestors; each of us is a soul splintered through thousands of miles and thousands of years. Likewise, the real, morphological realm is exploded through our realm; the way of return is through anamnesis: by this we re-collect (ourselves, each one his own Self […]).
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