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Message Subject Calling all Great Minds: A discussion on Reality
Poster Handle Anonymous
Post Content
IMHO, The consciousness we perceive to be our identity is a product of light enacting with neurologic reflexes and water itself holds memory. Time from the standpoint of the soul does not exist. When we are developing into awareness as very young children unfortunately there is at some point what I call the forgetting. We forget that we are spiritual beings of light, (i.e. coherent projections of consciousness outside of space/time) and begin to function more as reactionary robots in time and space- in what can be often times a rough school of survival.

One thing is certain however, the promised potential of what we might become ultimately, is very seldom reached by most all of us. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or social development, we are governed/controlled to the point of becoming mostly pathetic expressions of what originally was considered to be a fantastic creation (by God in the beginning).

There again, we as creatures like everything else may be only outdated models cast away to make room for higher evolutionary expressions. Or perhaps all of our intended life expressions have been hijacked from on high before we even became who we are. I believe there may be psychic/spiritual/energetic vampires!! Or perhaps this is the best we can do- all of us because some computer in the sky said so.

Are YOU really YOU?? Then prove it! You can't can you. Your identity is a contrivance. A genetic inheritance yes but your parents gave you your name and your teachers, peers and the structure of society generated your sense of self worth.

Speaking of self worth. What will be the self worth of any human being when the economy comes crashing down. Or in 15 years AI robots replace more than half the jobs once performed by man. Or the wicked mad transhumanist scientists start blurring the lines between humanity and machine.

What is reality?? ...Blink. It'll change.
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