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Herman Cain is a former Federal Reserver Chairman and is too damaged to be Our Nominee.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/11/2011 08:51 PM
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Herman Cain is a former Federal Reserver Chairman and is too damaged to be Our Nominee.
We have a problem when our supposed populist non politician front runner is a former Federal Reserve chairman. Herman Cain does have experience in the private sector, but a good portion of that private sector experience is working for the private corporation-The Federal Reserve.

Herman Cain believes that individual citizens can just call up the private corporation known as The Federal Reserve and ask them how they operate?

Who does he think we are? You cannot even step foot on the property of the Private Reserve. You can call the human relations department at the Federal Reserve and they will ignore your request.

Herman Cain says no need to audit The Federal Reserve.

Its not even a leading charge by just Ron Paul any longer.

The tide has turned, when even Gingrich sees the problem with The Federal Reserve.

Herman Cain is part of the problem. Herman Cain is damaged goods. He is an attractive candidate, but he is not the candidate that will turn this country around.

We need to understand that our monetary policy has been hijacked since 1913.

As long as a private corporation operates our monetary system and needs, we will not have sound money or a free economy for all Americans to dream or prosper.

Excerpt [link to www.uniteandstate.com]