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Money is life's store of value

User ID: 3165931
United States
10/12/2011 04:39 PM
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Money is life's store of value
So we have come to value life's experience as money, by allowing money to be a store of the value of everyday occurences. How can we seperate ourselves from pursuing money for the sake of a good life. I believe we have grown to have short term historical memories and long term forward looking minds. This has allowed us to drive forward in new invention. This "new" invention is the pursuit of money for the sake of comfort in life. How can we eliminate the need for money so that life's experience becomes life's forward looking pursuit? Eliminate the money and you eliminate the false god. Once you elimate the false god, you have room to remember. Once you have the art of memory mastered there is no need for a certificate to remind of us of stored value. Stored value will be the seed that our living creator bestows upon our heart and mind. This seed is our stored value upon which we should use as a product of our life's stored value. Just a thought.....