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Message Subject Sophisticated $400 Million Pot Farm In West Tennessee, Underground Barracks/Tunnels, Power Generators, Irrigation System
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I can't find any pictures of the tunnels or equipment.

A marijuana farm this valuable, nearing harvest time (i.e. mid October), would have been heavily guarded.

The news reports say that no one was arrested. They must have been tipped off. Or, they could have scurried off into the forest.

My guess is big money ones are behind this on both sides.

Marijuana growing operation in Obion County much larger than authorities originally estimated

Law enforcement found the plants on Monday and initially said there were at least 50,000 mature marijuana plants growing over the 10-acre site in a heavily wooded hillside west of Hornbeak.

But as they started removing the plants on Wednesday, they seized an estimated 362,000 marijuana plants with a street value of about $434 million.

No arrests have been made ...

Link to news article.
[link to www.therepublic.com]
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