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Bilderberg: EU to take urgent measures

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10/15/2011 03:15 AM
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Bilderberg: EU to take urgent measures
Bilderberg: EU to take urgent measures

09:15 | 15 October 2011

The European Union must take the necessary measures so that "Greek history" to end and the country to remain in the euro area, otherwise risking that scenario to be repeated in other countries, said yesterday the so-called President. Bilderberg Group Etienne Davignon, cited by Mediafax.
"When you have a common currency, you must understand that it is all. History of Greece should end, but euro area remain in Greece. If the reaction is not strong, why not something like this happen in other countries?" Davignon said that participate in the conference "The European Union after the crisis of public debt" in Bucharest yesterday announced Monday.

He added that the next step after solving the problems of Greece is finding solutions for consolidation of economic growth in the EU.

"The model of European integration is unique. If not working, the signal will be very negative for the whole world. If we fail, we will take away the other elements of hope," said Davignon.

Bilderberg Club is an informal body that meets every year, many of the most influential people in the world to discuss the most topical international issues, especially in foreign affairs and economics.

Bilderberg Conferences collected each year between 120 and 140 important names from the U.S. and Western Europe, mainly politicians, bankers and industrialists. Meetings are private and access is performed by special invitation only. The group name comes from the hotel, which is held the first meeting in 1954, the agency notes.

[link to www.mediafax.ro]