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Egypt elections will be military's confidence vote

D. Bunker
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10/15/2011 04:56 PM
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Egypt elections will be military's confidence vote
The Egyptian generals managed to come out of the traumatic days of the revolution in January and February with their reputations enhanced, but now the military establishment which dominates the transitional government is looking increasingly tarnished. Field Marshal Mohammad Hussain Tantawi, who has also been Minister of Defence for as long as anyone can remember, was never a natural democrat, but events have started to expose the military as increasingly willing to use their power for authoritarian purposes.

The terrible killings of over 20 Copts last week is one example of how the military is ready to use force to try to dominate Egypt's ever-robust street politics. The march by thousands of Copts was joined by many tolerant Muslims seeking to show that they wanted an open Egypt in which all its sects and religions are able to live together...

More: [link to gulfnews.com]

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