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Karma System REPORT :good karma:

Curious Observer
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United States
10/15/2011 10:27 PM
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Karma System REPORT :good karma:
Wanted to report on the karma system because I am not going to have enough for an upgrade.

Overall I got 122 good karma and 16 bad karma.

It all evens out from someone with a good heart that cares for others and the world thats not bad.

Short of 100 good karma because I spent 20 on deleting bad karma and then realized that it costs a lot more to remove than to keep. Some kind soul removed 3 other bad karma for me so with the remaining 11 bad karma takes away from the good karma I have left. For some reason if you report inappropriate threads you get double karma but they are not available for prizes. So 4 good karma is there but can not spend them.

I'd like to suggest that somehow when karma is given that the senders name is automatically included because the ones that give bad karma never sign their name and their messages can be offensive as such:

"You piece of shit for begging karma pts"

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