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The Assassination Of Lebanon´s Hariri - Who Benefitted?

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10/09/2005 07:48 AM
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The Assassination Of Lebanon´s Hariri - Who Benefitted?
Assassination Of Lebanon´s Prime Minister

Mossad Used A Massive Bomb

Bomb Was Planted Under The Street

The bomb´s crater was in the middle of the street.

Hariri´s Limousine Had Electronic Counter-Measures To Thwart Remote-Control Bombs.

Only Mossad had the capabilities and motive, to do such an attack.


Beirut is considered the ´ Paris of the Mideast ´. This is a modern city.

In order to dig up a street and plant a bomb, you need a government agency´s cooperation. Only the Mossad, through its extensive Sayanims program, has this reach.

Who Was Hariri?

Hariri was born to a poor Sunni Muslim family in Sidon, Lebanon in November, 1944.

In 1966, he attends Beirut Arab University and works as a teacher. In, 1969 he travels to Saudi Arabia, where he works in construction, and finally established his own company, CICONEST. In 1978, he founded Saudi Oger, which he built into one of the largest Arab construction companies.
He is active in Lebanese politics, and becomes President in 1992. He epitomizes Beirut - A self-made Sunni who becomes a billionaire, and is out to unite Lebanon´s different factions and rebuild the country.

He is glamorous and charismatic, and a real threat to Israel.

Syria didn´t kill him

Hariri saw Syria as a great friend. When the Israelis started the 1976 civil war, Lebanon turned to Syria for troops to stop the fighting.

Christians vs Muslims

Syrian troops stayed to keep the sides separated.

Syria also helps to neutralize the threat of the South Lebanon Army (Israeli proxy militia)- The SLA ran the Khiam death camp, and controlled south Lebanon.

Hariri could have controlled the Christian phalangists, Druze warlords, and Muslims, and Israel didn´t want that.

History of Lebanon

Modern Lebanon (population 3,500,000), was created by France, in 1926, through a UN mandate. The French, being Catholic, separated Lebanon (home of most of the Maronite Catholics) from Syria, thus creating a new state. Lebanon became independent on Jan. 1, 1944.

In 1948, 300,000 Palestinians had to flee Israel as the Israeli militias went on a rampage . In 1975, Israel instigated the civil war, pitting the 40% who were Christians, against the 60% who were Muslims.

Israel doesn´t want a strong Lebanon and Syria. They want puppet governments that will allow them to steal Lebanon´s water and allow Iraqi/Syrian pipeline oil to flow to Haifa.

General Lahad

Israel´s Lebanon Militia

In 1978, Israel starts the ´South Lebanon Army´ (Christian militia), to keep Lebanon free of PLO guerillas. They also use them to fight Amal, Hezbollah, UNIFIL troops, and even the Lebanese government army.

These troops were poor Christians from the southern part of the country, and their leaders always envisioned invading Beirut and taking over Lebanon.

The SLA ran Khiam prison (Israeli torture facility)

In 2000, the Hezbollah finally drove the Israelis and their assassins out of Lebanon.

Israeli Aggression

1978... 1978... Israel invades South Lebanon, kills 2500, and establishes a border zone. U.N. Security Council Resolution 425 ordered the Israelis to leave. They refused!

1981 ....says the PLO shot rockets into Israel, and retaliates by bombing Beirut, killing 300-plus.

1982... Israel invaded Lebanon, saying there was an assassination attempt on its ambassador in London. Israel kills 25,000 people, and wounds 30,000 more - mostly civilians.

1996...Israel unleashed "Operation Grapes of Wrath", killing 200.

2000.....the SLA withdraws

Chirac And Harriri

They were allies, and pushed a plan, where Israel would give up the Golan heights and occupied territories in Lebanon, if Syria would withdraw its troops.

They wanted the US to be in the position of guaranteeing Lebanon´s safety from Israeli intrusions and land grabs.

Emile Lahud

Maronite Christian

Lebanon´s President Today

Lahud was elected Lebanon´s president in 1998, and was re-elected in 2004.

Lahud is an Israeli puppet, that lobbies for the ´Peace Process´ in ´Israel´ to be given ´another chance´, while at the same time busily banking large sacks of shekels in a numbered Swiss bank account.

The Zionist terrorists in Palestine knew only too well that they could rely on Lahud to help undermine Hezbollah, and thus weaken Lebanon and Syria´s military strength.

Mid-East Leaders React


Meanwhile, Khaddam, Syria´s vice president, speaking to reporters, accuses Israel of assassinating Hariri. = add link to Khaddam showing who he is

Egyptian Intelligence Officer

“Israel is the only country that benefits from Hariri´s assassination, that came at a critical juncture for Syria, which is teetering under intense pressure [from the US] to withdraw its troops from Lebanon,” Rashwan added.


Also, Iran expressed concern about the fallout of what it described as a "terrorist act", pointing the finger at Israel.

"An organized terrorist structure, such as the Zionist regime, is one of the few that has the capacity for such an operation ".

Arab Newspapers

While the opposition to the pro-Syrian government in Beirut claimed that Syria was behind the assassination, the Syrian media on Tuesday pointed the finger of suspicion at Israel.

Late Lebanese politician Rafiq Hariri`s consultant, Mustafa al-Naser, told IRNA Monday evening, " that the assassination of Hariri was done by the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, and that the murder was aimed at creating political tension in Lebanon."

“Most Middle East experts in the Arab and Muslim worlds, believe Israeli hands were at work in the killing of former Prime Minister of Lebanon.”, Hamod continues.

What Does Israel Want?

Control of the Mid-East.

It wants Iraq, and Iran´s oil, with no Arab interference.

It wants Lebanon´s water.

False Flag Summary


Wal-Mart Health Subsidies

Israeli ambushes in Iraq

Marine Ambush

Judicial Index

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