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Message Subject I am Impervious to Mind Control... Go Ahead... Try Me...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have worked for years to defeat what has yet to become.

It is complete. And the time is about.

Most Psychics will find it impossible to clearly read me as well. I occupy the realm in between possibilities therefore I operate is a dimension that is not easily accessible to the lower beings.

The Psychics that can read me will confirm... I am not a fake.

I have died a thousand times in this lifetime...

I have seen what most cannot.

My true power has yet to be recognized, but I know it draws near.

To many I will be hope, but to the rest, I will be feared.

I will help those who are ready.

I can see through those who lie. Nothing escapes my eye for long. And everything they have done, will be with their consciousness until I allow release.

I am twice born. First my mothers name, then my teachers name.

As a second child, I was know as Shoshin.

Now I am know as... DarkZen.

The Battle grows near... Duality misleads.

Know thy self.... travel this way... or backward you will fall.

It' won't be long now....

Take Care....& I will see you soon...

 Quoting: Dark Zen

OK here's a simple one!

I want you to NOT... think about a Pink Flamingo... Standing on One leg in Three inches of water at the Edge of A Pond.

That's how simple it is...

Reply when you get the thought out of your head! Not before!
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