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Message Subject I am Impervious to Mind Control... Go Ahead... Try Me...
Poster Handle Dark Zen
Post Content

The pictures ran through my mind but did not cling to them nor did I become engulfed by them... Letting them leave as soon as they came.

Search the term "No Mind"

Thank You for the exit..

 Quoting: Dark Zen

That was not the intent of the excersize!!!!!!

The intent was to have you post a reply as quickly as possible to defend your claim!

I WON! end of story you are a puppet on my string!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3644156

Who are to say what the intend was or is ?... I posted this thread. So it serves me unless I allow it to serve you.
 Quoting: Dark Zen

you arguing the fact serves me.

either one of us posting to enamour this thread serves you!

Slice it how you wish its' a crap sammy! :-)

Still thinking of the Flamingo too aren't cha? LOL
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3644156

chuckle There is no argue... I have only questions. Thus no need for a Judge...NO jurisdiction to relinquish...
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