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Another reason for OWS by nefarious banksters

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1626714
United States
10/22/2011 04:08 PM
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Another reason for OWS by nefarious banksters
Many of us realize the direction that these protests and movements is heading is open revolt of the "US Government" in the name of regime change.

Well, if the United States is not a free people as many say, why would this revolt be necessary?

I tell you, that we Americans are still technically free, even though many of us enter into contractual obligations that limit or restrict our freedoms.

Another piece of the puzzle is that Americans still have the right to own land in the same capacity a king owns land--as a sovereign!

On one's own land, it is impossible to be taxed (unless you agree to be taxed in some kind of contract). On one's own land, one is secure in his person and possessions. This is the real reason why America was formed--for land ownership. The pilgrims did fulfill their end of the bargain from the king at the time that if they would occupy the "new world" and give half of their production from said land to the king for seven years, that the king would then grant the land and make it patent.

More info in the following audio.

[link to teamlawproductions.com]

What I am saying is that if there is an open revolt or revolution against "the US Government (which is a private, foreign corporation" said "Government" would then fight against the people who lawfully and legally (or have the ability) own the land of this nation. In which case, the victor would then have rights to the land through war power.

This, my friends, is what the banksters are really after. Legal and lawful right to the land, because they don't have it and they want it!

So, be wise and learn what is going on. Know that you are sovereign and free. Know that it is possible to own your own land here in du jure Republic of the United States of America. It may take a lot to defend your freedom and land from attackers. But, really, what is freedom and land worth? For some, life itself--many would die for the honor to own land as a king owns land. For others, they sadly give up their rights, by contracts, so willingly, whether through ignorance or laziness or both.

Anyway, please listen to the entire audio before posting. It's long, but will open your eyes up to the larger picture of things.