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You can Feel it in Your Bones!!!

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10/23/2011 03:09 PM
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You can Feel it in Your Bones!!!
Has it brung law and order to any society that has lived by it? Has it ever ended a war? Sharia law has some very brutal customs, as well as Christianity. The Spanish Catholic Inquisition was one of the most disturbing occurrences in the history of civilization. There was an evolution/revolution in Christianity that the Muslim faith has not yet experienced. It does not seem as though devout Muslims care to experience that event. The difference between a devout/radical Muslim and a....what do you call it, a "regular" Muslim, is the same as a "devout" Christian and a "regular" Christian. As a matter of FACT, if you compare the Old Testament of the King James Bible, and the Koran, they are the same. Just change a few names around and account for some language diffences and whalla, it is virtually the same book. It is as if both cultures studied Gone With The Wind. There is the Creation epic, then a flood and disaster, then a new chance. We have all been told the same story in the past. It has been translated for centuries in different toungues. Nothing else has ever been handed down so carefully. It is important, and it is cosmic. We all will know the truth soon. Will we run and hide, scared when we see them coming. Or will we know them, and they will know us. Some will love us, many will not. We all inhabited the same part of the world at one time when civilization was young. We carry these stories in our souls so we can never forget, but we are forgetting, and time is running out.