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Has anyone seen a diamond shaped UFO?

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United States
10/25/2011 09:27 PM
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Has anyone seen a diamond shaped UFO?
Oh about 21 years ago, a friend and myself seen a huge slow moving diamond shaped craft. When I say diamond I mean like from a deck of cards. It was 4 pointed and black
That night we were coming back from cruising, and I looked up to see the stars, I noticed it was a very clear night, not much pollution since I lived just outside of NYC That was a rare occasion and most of the time you could not see a lot of stars or anything for that matter. This object was moving slow and headed south, towards the Bronx. It did not make a sound, we were also playing devils advocate, trying to disprove. We ended up just going inside, we were not the type to follow it, just enjoy it from a far, way far. To this day, I always here about triangle shaped UFOs' but never large diamond flying vehicles. When I say large, it was about 3 football fields in length and width. alien11

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