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Message Subject Prophecy of What Will Fall Upon the Modern Woman.
Poster Handle anon 121214
Post Content

Theres been posts lately of women acting strange and grumpy, Like they sense a ill wind storm blowing their direction. The time for heads up is now !

SEVEN WOMEN will grab hold of ONE man. Out of Desperation, it will happen,

PROPHECY Revealed in Eagles Song and the Bible !

Men will always fare well, but In case of economic collapse, without stores and purse, shoes, perfume, hagen daz ice cream, shopping,and loss of jobs etc, Women will be in trouble ! With no knowledge how to can and sew and garden and make soap like their Grandmothers.

Many women will be screwed, without men to protect you cause so many are divorced. Youll be in big trouble.

No job and no skills... and no man.

the time is coming..

WOW you are really showing your true nature. What a bigot. Sure women have no knowledge and no skills??? what BS. women have abused their independence? WOW. so solution is for for them to hand it back to men?? men have been in charge of earth since the beginning and it is not pretty what they have done with that power. Not saying women would do better, but men having all the power has not worked out very well
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