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Message Subject NASA now says yu55 is 400 meters WTF LINK
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As you've noticed, NASA corrected the size of YU55 first from 175 to 200 mt (it's still so at spaceweather dot com), and newly to 400 mts.

The trajectory of a space object depends mainly on its velocity and mass. Now, as the size of YU55 is more than doubled, its mass is also (at least) doubled. (The initial mass - by 175 mts - was 55m tons).

YU55 will have a different trajectory as assumed, when it comes closer (fiest) to the Moon and (then) to the Earth next week, and the gravity of the Moon and the Earth will effect its course in a different way, as its mass is too big.

NASA has surely the updated trajectory..
Therefore all the warnings and exercises at 11-9-11...
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