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10/29/2011 11:38 PM
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"Men don't write things!
Men kill wild boar and the blood splatter spells out what they want to say!
Men don't even own computers!
They live in lavishly decorated caves and eat raw meat while smoking cigars and playing guitars and are constantly walking away from explosions without looking back.
Real men work out by strangling nazis and saving orphans, kittens and women from various threats.
They also all fly jets in their spare time and go skydiving without a parachute, surviving the fall every time by punching death in the face, thus coming away unharmed.
Men never speak.
They communicate purely through fist fights."

Taken from:
[link to browse.deviantart.com]

Nothing serious.
“Saying one government is better than another government because one only killed 10 million, as opposed to 100 million is absolute insanity.” - Shingen.

"You can't live in a happy and carefree world and have freedom while you are trying to impose your will onto others." - Anonymous Coward.