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there is never enough evidence

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10/31/2011 09:46 AM
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there is never enough evidence
there is never enough evidence to sustain any cultivated belief, even the most basic ones. in the public arena, it all comes down to either faith or the last word of ellected officials. the word "authority" is just that: an author who was ellected to write the book of your life, while you just watch.

"do you think this is air you're breathing?" - Morpheus

those in charge of the scientific establishment need to use propaganda to manipulate public opinion in order to compensate this fundamental gap in human cognition. they spend millions of dollars in bogus research to create pseudo-scientific models that will further their agenda.

With respect to every man-made theory, scientific or not, if you make all the right questions eventually the author has no other choice than to admit that he just pulled it from his ass. At the root of every theory there is nonsensical, faith-based belief. Or should I say bullshit?

I remember someone who used to post in this forum; his nickname was "Reality is BS". Talk about an accurate statement about reality!

"There is no reality. There are only those people that know this and those people who don't know this. And those who don't know are manipulated by those who know." (Terrence Mckenna)

there is a gap in human understanding of the world that can only be breached when you attain the "all I know is that I don't know anything" state of mind. This is known as bliss or nirvana. The universe doesn't exist and there is no objective truth, yet you are still here "alive" and "breathing". To achieve such state of mind and not fall into maniac laughter due to the insanity of it all, is the highest goal of enlightenment.

one of the most succesful memes that they have introduced into the public consciousness is the myth of vaccines and disease prevention or cure. The governing principle behind vaccination and medication is concealed self-suggestion. Doctors are only there to assist the individual with his own power of self-suggestion. Most people are not aware of the power they have over their mental and physical states. All prescription treatment and medication is a gateway for people to use their own power of self-suggestion without actually being aware they are using it. I suspect the best doctors know this, but are not courageous enough to admit it in public.

it takes courage to admit that you can never be sure about anything. we humans are too arrogant to admit defeat, so we find comfort in "beliefs". we believe in a lot of things, but we know / understand only a few. to make matters worse, we are often afraid of what we know (deep inside) and so we substitute it with more nonsensical belief.

well, there is a simple rule to prove that all beliefs are self-deception: if something is there or is not there, why do you have to believe it? that is, you either know for sure or you don't. When you know, rejoice and proceed to do something about it. When you don't know, shut up.

absolute knowledge is not attainable in practice. practice is all about action. Those who know, do; those who don't, pretend they know and in the process forget about the value of action.

pay attention to information sources of "authority", specially when they try to sell you their own version of reality.

physical or not, reality is very much malleable by the human mind, but most people are conditioned to view it only in a certain way. breaking this fundamental conditioning is the obstacle, not the actual physical laws discovered (or invented?) by science. even physical laws can be broken when you understand that all of reality can be interpreted as a dream or illusion. Notice that I said "interpreted" -- whoever is doing the interpretation is still the most important factor. If there is still an inch of a doubt in your mind that reality is not an illusion, that will escalate to such a proportion to create a realistic obstacle in your life.

So when it comes to manipulating reality, you need 100% certainty that the former does not exist and so there is nothing to manipulate in the first place. That in itself is the axial knowledge of reality-manipulation.

"Most of reality is illusory. It is just that we do each other the courtesy of not pointing this out." (Terrence Mckenna)

Keep this in mind: the key manipulator of one's sense of reality has and will always be FEAR. When you have nothing to fear, reality can take any shape / outcome you wish.


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01/25/2012 08:54 AM
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Re: there is never enough evidence
bump for truth.