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Message Subject Overpopulation is a Myth
Poster Handle Dark Zen
Post Content

The resources to overcome these negatives have been waisted. The need for war has been nurtured instead of the betterment of the people.

What would the world be like today if the manipulation of Energy and Technology had not been suppressed?
 Quoting: Dark Zen

This is our number one problem TPTB have been suppressing new energy technologies that would, if used, eliminate most of the problems we face today. sk
 Quoting: seeker2

Thank You SK ! You Get it !
 Quoting: Dark Zen

Yah, I get where you are coming from, but we all need to learn to keep our dick in our pants, or even with new technologies we will be just kicking the can down the road a bit.

What I find interesting is that some point based on energy expended it will be cheaper to do our farming with manual labor once again rather than with large machinery. This is mainly due to rising fuel prices and machinery manufacturing costs. Well I guess that would solve the labor problem. lol sk
 Quoting: seeker2

If our lives were Balanced like they should be then I don't think it would be an issue.

So many are unhappy with there lives and they seek out ways to curb the unhappiness of not having the basic necessities of life.

All of which has been squandered by the Elite.
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