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Message Subject Overpopulation is a Myth
Poster Handle Dark Zen
Post Content
If someone wants to live without concern or responsibilty for the children they bear.

If someone wants to live so densely that their own property/country cannot feed them.

If someone wants to have 8 children when they cannot comfortably feed even one.

If someone wants to live under Sheite Law, in Sweden?

If someone wants to live off of the labors of another thru theft.

Let Them Do it in Their Own Damn Country!

Population Density is a Matter of Personal Taste!

You want to live in your own ugly Hell? Do it some where Else!
 Quoting: quest 1482722

The Suppression of Education must be stopped as well.

These things can be overcome with the Unhindered sharing of all knowledge.

The Wealthy have squandered information as well... to give them an upper hand in the corporate business world...

And for the Small percentage that remains that do not comply... can be handled on an individual basis.

But I assure you... it will be much less of a problem that what we now face.
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