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Message Subject Overpopulation is a Myth
Poster Handle quest
Post Content
The Suppression of Education must be stopped as well

These things can be overcome with the Unhindered sharing of all knowledge.
Go Home! We'll send correspondance courses.

The Wealthy have squandered information as well... to give them an upper hand in the corporate business world...
The "wealthy" you call these population responsible people that live in a higher standard of living. It Their fault those who just want to fuck and fight and die, cant or dont care enough to raise their own standard?

It the job or the responcible to house these people on their own land?

Problem is,,. It doesnt Work. You import these people that cannot maintain their own countries and give them life in a modern city, and they cant keep it up. Look at Detroit!

If you want our correspondance courses, you going to have to stay out of our countries. Otherwise you will just make Yet Another Overpopulated 'underdeveloped' Hell. You might have fun in the mean time. But we dont like it! And you will End Up in the same situation as if you stayed in your own country in the first place.

You tried that before, you took over the people in North America with their pyramids and Calendars and you got a nation of Bows and Arrows.

You let us back in. And now you want to do it again.

Make something of your own people in your own coutntry. Something you can be proud of. Somthing that is your own!
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