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Message Subject Overpopulation is a Myth
Poster Handle quest
Post Content
You seem delusional more than I my friend.
Nah. 1dunno1

Im not trying to claim there are no corruption amoung the rich and powerfull. Nor that 'we' (I am definately not amoung the '1%') have any right to tell anyone else what to do, or how to run their country anymore than they have a right to use us for resource and recreation.

We have no more right to demand Democracy and/or Christianity, in Somalia or Lybia/wherever than they have to demand Sheite Law, here or in Sweden/wherever they choose to go.

But it is you who are falling for the underlying conspiracy. Multiculturalisim and migration are not the answer. The sources of unchecked irresponcible population growth, must be forced to bear theur own burden, or the Whole World will Crash with them. Serving No One.
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